Travel Consultation Contracts

Japan Association of Travel Agents

The original text was written in Japanese. The English translation has beenprepared by JATA. If any discrepancies should arise between the Japanese andEnglish texts, the former shall prevail at all times.


Travel Consultation Contracts
(Scope of application)
Article 1
A Travel Consultation Contract which this company (hereinafter referred to as "theCompany") concludes with a Traveler shall be subject to the provisions of these GeneralTerms and Conditions. Matters which are not provided for in these General Terms andConditions shall be governed by the laws, ordinances, regulations and generally establishedpractice.

2. If the Company has concluded a special agreement in writing without violating the laws,ordinances and regulations and within the scope not unfavorable to the Traveler, the saidspecial agreement, notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, shall prevailover the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

(Definition of a Travel Consultation Contract)
Article 2
A "Travel Consultation Contract" as stated in these General Terms and Conditions means acontract under which the Company undertakes to perform the business referred to in thefollowing Items by commission from the Traveler under the agreement that the Companyreceives a travel business handling charge (hereinafter referred to as "Consultation Fee"):

(1) Provision of advice necessary for the Traveler to prepare a travel plan;

(2) Preparation of a travel plan;

(3) Estimation of expenses involved in the travel;

(4) Provision of information concerning the place of travel and transportation/accommodationfacilities, etc.;

(5) Provision of other advice and information necessary for the travel.

(Coming into Effect of a Contract)
Article 3
A Traveler who intends to conclude a Travel Consultation Contract with Company mustsubmit to the Company an application form in which the prescribed matters are entered by theTraveler.
2. A Travel Consultation Contract shall come into effect at the time when the Company hasagreed to conclude the contract and received the application form referred to in the precedingParagraph.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding two Paragraphs, the Company may acceptan application for a Travel Consultation Contract by telephone, mail, facsimile or other meansof communications without receiving an application form. In this case, the TravelConsultation Contract shall come into effect at the time when the Company has agreed toconclude the contract.

4. The Company may not agree to conclude a Travel Consultation Contract when it isinconvenient for a business reason, or if the contents of consultation of the Traveler areagainst public order and good morals, or there is a possibility of such contents being inviolation of the law, ordinances and regulations in force in the place of travel.

(Consultation Fee)
Article 4
If the Company has performed the business mentioned in Article 2, the Traveler must pay tothe Company the Consultation Fee prescribed by the Company by the date fixed by theCompany.

(Responsibility of the Company)
Article 5
If the Company has caused any damage to the Traveler intentionally or by negligence inperforming the Travel Consultation Contract, it shall be responsible for compensating for thesaid damage, provided that the Company has been notified of the damage within 6 months ofthe day following the date of occurrence of such damage.

2. The Company does not guarantee that arrangements can actually be made with respect tothe transportation/accommodation facilities, etc., mentioned in the travel plan prepared by theCompany. Therefore, even if it has not been possible to conclude a contract withtransportation/accommodation facilities, etc., for the provision by these facilities of travelservices, such as transportation, accommodation, etc., due to a reason of being full, and soforth, the Company shall not be responsible for it.